My name is Jordan Watkins and I have 0 professional expertise in food and/or writing.

They’re both hobbies; things that I’ve always done, things I imagine always doing.

As with most things you do again and again, you gain a bit of confidence, you begin to find a voice and start having a few things to say.

Some of it might be shite. Some of it might be good. Christ, I hope some of it will be good.

There will be recipes. Recipes that are photographed on a tile discarded by my Mum after redecorating her bathroom in 2018.

There will be opinions. Opinions about the food world, about trends, politics, and generally the good and bad things that go on in the world.

There will be culture. Culture pieces about places I've stayed in, eaten in, where I've discovered new ingredients, different ideas on how things are done.

Hopefully you'll like it. If not, well, I dunno really. Can we at least agree to slag me off behind my back so I can't find out?