What to do with leftover yoghurt

What do you do with your leftover Greek yoghurt? In fact, the question I should be asking is this: do you do anything with leftover Greek yoghurt before it reaches the point of no return?

Loads of us buy massive tubs of the stuff with good intentions, only for it to exist unmoved at the back of the fridge for week after week.

It just so happened by the good grace of Twitter that I recently came about this labneh life-hack. We've made it a couple of times now and there is no comparison to what we've made versus what we buy.

On the Venn dairy-gram of 'things that are yoghurt' and 'things that are cheese', labneh would find itself caught in the middle section. On any given day it can lay claim to being both things.

On the one hand, the finished article is soft spreadable cheese-like mass. On the other, it is undeniably made entirely out of strained yoghurt and a bit of salt.

This feels like Jaffa-gate all over again.

Tedious legal battles aside, it's well tasty and should 100% be your first step on the Beginner's Guide to Cheesemaking at Home.

To DIY-it to the finish line, all you need is 500g of full fat Greek yoghurt, a pinch of salt, a cheesecloth or tea towel and a hair bobble (other fastening devices are advised, but it was a bobble that we were working with, so its the bobble that gets a mention).

Set it all up, suspend it overnight and you're sorted for something deliciously different on your toast the next morning.

Click here for the full recipe.

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